Why do i teach english?

Hello everybody, let me introduce my self. My name is Atika. I have graduated from french language and literature program at Brawijaya university Malang. I am 23 years old. I live in Bengkulu.

As you know, i have been studying in french language and literature program but now, i am teaching english. Many people ask me, why???
That's because i love english so much, and actually there is only one school have french lesson here. That school already has a french's teacher. I have no choice anymore, don't I?.

When i am accepted at SDIT AL Hasanah, the chief ask me to teach english. I want to refuse it, but this  is my only chance to get a work. So, what can i do?, my husband support me. He says that i should try. If i never try, i will never learn. I do agree with him.

So, i do it. From beginning, i have no confident because my pronunciation is very bad and i know nothing about grammar.
But thankfully i just teach the third grade student. I remember the basic english. It's about "he" or "she" and "what is your name". I teach them about that. Everything is okay, there is no one understand English like me, (sound in my head give me a confidence).

In the next semester, the chief ask me to teach the fifth grade student. Suddenly, there is big sound in my head "what should i do now?". English lesson at fifth grade is about Time, i totally forget how to make time phrase. Finally, i send messages to my best friend who was graduated from english educational program and she want to give me short course about "time". I learn a lot from her. She is great in english.

Then i teach fifth grade. My students now are very smart. Sometimes, they tell me if i am wrong. That's okay for me. I learn when teaching them.

So, in my opinion teaching english is the best way to learn english. I feel that my english is better than before. I love English more and more. Now, i hope get many new knowledge in english with sekolah toefl. Actually i want to take toefl exam and i will apply for master scholarships. Wish me luck guys.

And i absolutely wish you best luck.

With love.



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