Writing about nothing

There is somebody who don't like to  ask do something twice. This people know what and when he will do it perfectly. He just want to listen himself.

Yeah, i can not always follow the rule. I just like follow which one i like. If i agree, i do it. But if i'm not so i don't. So, i wanna follow my intuition. I have such a huge dream. I will fight till the end for make it happend. I don't know the word "give up". What i know is just if you think you can, you can.

In the middle of night, i think a lot. Why i can not wake up in the early morning and praying with faith. I am confused. I am struggling with this habbit. Then i remember something, maybe i have many sins . So this cruel flows in my bloods.

Finally, i feel bored if i do the same thing for many time.


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